To provide the sustainable platform to the young innovators of Bangladesh ESAB has established the country’s first innovation incubation and accelerator called ‘ESAB Innovation Center’ with a vision to ‘inspiring imagination’ on 2015.
Technology, Innovation, Solving Local Problems, Community, Development Growth Engine

EIC provides small lab for the innovators, incubation mentorship, networking, funding and international collaboration for developing the solutions. Also, EIC works on policy reform activities and special government projects. Demanding additional 1000 Cr BDT in national budget, including renewable energy policy in national agenda and youth innovation small grant are three top policy reform priority for ESAB Innovation center. EIC has 5 departments where young engineers are tailoring different solutions. Already 6 projects have developed and launched successfully. Capacity development in special area would be another key mission for EIC in near future. Throughout its journey, ESAB has had glorious achievements in both in Bangladesh and abroad by organizing events and taking up creative initiatives. From the very beginning of our journey we are working for nurturing the inner potential of the young engineers. We always try to introduce new, advance and emerging technologies among our enthusiastic community so that they challenge the future competitive world. Starting from ICT initiatives ESAB has evolved to pioneer robotics development in Bangladesh and since last few years ESAB is pioneering energy initiatives in Bangladesh. ESAB is the only youth based organization working to promote renewable energy in all over Bangladesh. ESAB is also highly active in policy reform activities in renewable energy.